Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale

Article 1 – Purpose
This contract is intended for the exclusive use of booking stays in guest apartments. The
best welcome will be reserved for our guests. The owner undertakes to welcome guests
personally with all due care to facilitate their stay and knowledge of the region.

Article 2 – Length of stay
The customer who signs the present contract concluded for a fixed period may under no
circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises.

Article 3 – Booking confirmation
The reservation becomes effective as soon as the customer has sent the owner an e-mail
with a credit card guarantee (card number + expiry date). No debit will be made; payment
must be made on the day of arrival.

Article 4 – Cancellation by the customer
All cancellations must be notified by e-mail to the owner.
a) Cancellation before the beginning of the stay :
If the cancellation occurs more than 7 days before the beginning of the stay, no fee will be

If cancellation occurs less than 7 days before the start of the stay, 100% of the price of the
accommodation will be charged by the owner.
b) In the event of a shortened stay :
The price corresponding to the cost of the accommodation remains payable in full to the

Article 5 – Cancellation by the owner
If the owner cancels the booking before the start of the stay, he must inform the customer by
registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by e-mail.
Without prejudice to any claims for damages, the customer will be reimbursed immediately
for any sums paid.

Article 6 – Arrival and departure
Arrival: the customer must arrive on the specified day between 3pm and 7pm. In the event of
late or delayed arrival, the customer must inform the owner at least 24 hours before arrival.
Departure: the customer must return the apartment between 8am and 11am at the latest.

Article 7 – Breakfast
Breakfast must be ordered on arrival and will be served between 8am and 10am in the
apartment or in our lounge on the first floor.

Article 8 – Towel and bed linen supplement
If you are staying for a week (6 nights), a change of bed linen and towels will be provided on
the 4th day (included in the price of your stay).
For additional requests, you will be charged :
12€ for 1 set of sheets (1 fitted sheet, 1 comforter cover, 2 pillowcases) and 4.50€ per towel.

Article 9 – Payment
Payment for accommodation + any supplements must be made at the beginning of the stay.

Consumption and additional services not mentioned in the contract or estimate must be paid
for at the end of the stay.

Article 10 – Tourist tax
The tourist tax of 0.80 €, per person and per day, is a local tax that the customer must pay to
the owner, who then transfers it to the public treasury.

Article 11 – Use of the premises
The customer must respect the peaceful nature of the premises and use them in accordance
with their intended purpose. He/she undertakes to return the rooms in good condition and
must declare any damage for which he/she may be responsible and assume responsibility
for repairs.
The entire house is a non-smoking area.

Article 12 – Capacity
The present contract is drawn up for a specific number of people. If the number of guests
exceeds this number, the owner is entitled to refuse additional guests.
This refusal can in no way be considered as a modification or breach of contract on the
owner’s initiative, so that in the event of the departure of a greater number of guests than
those refused, no reimbursement can be considered.

Article 13 – Animals
Pets are not allowed. In the event of a customer’s departure due to the refusal of his or her
pet, no reimbursement will be made.