Article 1 – Object
This contract is intended for the exclusive use of the reservation of stays in hosts’ apartment. The best welcome will be booked for our hosts. The owner makes a commitment to assure personally the welcome of the vacationers with all the desirable attentions allowing to facilitate their stay and the knowledge of the region.

Article 2 – Duration of Stay
The signatory customer of the present contract concluded for a determined duration cannot take advantage under any circumstances of any right to the preservation in places.

Article 3 – Booking confirmation
The reservation becomes effective as soon as the customer will have sent to the owner an e-mail with a credit card in guarantee (number of the card + expiration date). No debit will be made, the payment must be made the day of the arrival.

Article 4 – Cancellation by the customer
Any cancellation must be notified by e-mail sent to the owner.
A) Cancellation before the beginning of the stay:
If the cancellation intervenes more 7 days before the beginning of the stay, no cool will be retained.
If the cancellation intervenes less than 7 days before the beginning of the stay, 100 % of the price of the accommodation will be sold by the owner.
B) In case of shortened stay:
The price corresponding to the cost of the accommodation remains entirely due to the owner.

Article 5 – Cancellation by the owner
When before the beginning of the stay, if the owner cancels this stay, he has to inform the customer by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or e-mail.
The customer without prejudging appeals in repair of the damage possibly undergone, will be immediately paid off prepaid amount.

Article 6 – Check-in and Check-out
Check-in: the customer has to arrival the day specified between 3 pm and 19 pm. In case of late or deferred arrival, the customer has to warn the owner at least 24 hours before his arrival.
Check-out: the customer has to hand over the apartment between 8 am and 11am

Article 7 – Breakfast
Breakfasts must be ordered upon arrival and will be served between 8 am and 10 am in the apartment or in our lounge on the ground floor.

Article 8 – Extra charge for cleaning
The household will be charged in supplement at 80 euros.

Article 9 – Extra charge towels and bed shets
If you stay for week (6 nights) one change is planned in the 4th day (change of bed sheets,
pillowcases and towels) – included in the price of your stay.
For requests in supplement he will be charged to you:
12€ for 1 sets of bed sheets (1 bed sheet of cover, 1 quilt cover, 2 pillowcases) and 4.50 € by towel.

Article 10 – Payment
The balance of the accommodation + the eventual supplements will be to paid on arrival.
The consumptions and the additional services not mentioned in the contract will be to paid at the end of stay.

Article 11 – City Tax
The city tax to the amount of 0.80 €, per person and a day, is a local tax which the customer has to acquit with the owner who puts back it then in the national treasuries.

Article 12 – Site use
The customer will have to respect the peaceful character of places and make use of it in compliance with their destination. He makes a commitment to return the apartment in good condition and will have to declare any degradation for which he could be responsible and for assuming the repairs.
The whole house is a non-smoking space.

Article 13 – Capacity
The present contract is established for a precise number of people. If the number of customers exceeds this number, the owner is authorized of refusing the additional customers.
This refusal can’t be considered on no account as a modification or a breach of the contract on the initiative of the owner, so that in case of departure of a number of customers upper to those refused, no refund can be envisaged.

Article 14 – Pets
Pets are not admitted. In case of departure of a customer motivated by the refusal of its animal, no refund can be envisaged.